How do I create an account?
Click here and complete the online registration form. Remember to provide accurate and complete information on the form.

Remember, at all times, to safeguard your username and password.

How to I post a project?
Once you have registered, navigate to the marketplace page where you can add a project to the system. The project wizard is easy to follow. If you are not sure how to complete this form, please contact customer services.

How do I find a supplier?
Once you have posted a project for bidding, suppliers will find you. To help choose the right person for the job, you can review profiles and feedback from other project sponsors.
You can also search our directory of suppliers by skills, feedback ratings and location and invite suppliers to bid on your project.

Please note: The directory of suppliers is the property of iWebManage Limited and cannot be copied and iWebManage is not liable in any way for the choice of supplier made by the project sponsor.

Can I change the standard supplier/client contract?
Yes. A standard contract is provided as an example. Because some projects require additional safeguards (forexample, to protect intellectual rights, or stipulations on performance or quality), the agreement can be amended accordingly. You can either do this yourself or have it amended at your own expense by your solicitor/lawyer.

How do I resolve a dispute?
Even though iWebManage takes no responsibility for the contracted work between a supplier and project sponsor we will do our best to help you resolve any issues that may arise. Whether the problem is for incomplete work; the inability to contact a supplier or project sponsor; or simply that you are not happy with the end result, you can contact iWebManage who will help to resolve the issue. If that fails, you can follow up with the following services at your own discretion: A Mediation service through the British computer society, an Arbitration service or the Courts.

How many projects can I bid on?
As many as you like providing that you can honour any that you win.

It is important to note the proposed start and end dates of the project information and to make sure you are qualified to complete the work to a high standard.

Does the lowest bid always win?
Not necessarily. The project sponsor has a choice to accept the lowest bid if they wish, however they also have the option to view all potential supplier portfolios before making the final decision. For instance, location may be of prime importance to the project sponsor and could be the deciding factor.

How do project sponsors know where I am?
When you register, your details are used to plot your location on our suppliers map. The supplier map can also be used by the project sponsor as another method of finding a supplier.

I'm a project sponsor - how do I pay for a project?
When a bid is successful, you deposit 20% of the project value into an Escrow account where an agreement is signed and the money will stay until the project is finished.

iWebManage will charge 7% of the winning bid value as a fee.

Once the work is done, upon receipt of our invoice, you pay us the remainder of the project value (i.e. the remaining 80%) and we will pay the supplier

What is in the escrow agreement?
The escrow agreement outlines iWebManage's responsibilities as an escrow agent and the terms and conditions for holding the deposit or any other funds deposited, and using the account.

The agreement also outlines the release and delivery of escrow amounts and covers the dispute and termination process.

Is the escrow agreement valid for all projects that I submit to your site?
No, the agreement is only valid for the lifecycle of one project. You will be required to electronically sign the escrow agreement each time a project deposit is paid.

Can I use any currency to pay for my project?
Our bidding service operates in British Pounds (GBP) sterling. However, we do accept payment in all major currencies and the exchange rate will be determined by our payment processing agent at the time of making any payments.

We accept all major credit and debit cards.
Visa Debit payments supported by WorldPay Mastercard payments supported by WorldPay American Express payments supported by WorldPay Diners payments supported by WorldPay Laser payments supported by WorldPay Maestro payments supported by WorldPay Solo payments supported by WorldPay
Please note that an additional small handling charge is incurred for credit card payments. Where possible it is advised to settle the account with a bank transfer or debit card.

Do I earn interest on my escrow account?
No. You do not receive interest or any other earnings from the money left in escrow.

How much do you charge for your service?
iWebManage charges 7% of an accepted total project value. This fee is separate from the 20% deposit paid into escrow when a bid is accepted. (also see I'm a project sponsor - how do I pay for a project?).

I'm a supplier, how do I get paid?
When a bid is successful, the project sponsor deposits 20% of the project value into an Escrow account where the money will stay until the project is finished.

Once the project is complete, iWebManage sends the project sponsor an invoice. When they have paid the invoice we will send you the money.

What happens if a sponsor doesn't pay?
iWebManage will do everything possible to resolve the issue. However, we take no responsibility for the contract between the sponsor and supplier. If, after an acceptable time, the monies have not been received you as the supplier can follow up with the following services at their own discretion: A Mediation service through the British computer society, an Arbitration service or the Courts.

Do I have to use the collaboration tools?
No. There is no obligation to use the tools, they have purely been provided for free use if you wish.

Can I use the collaboration tools with people outside of iWebManage?
No. You can invite both registered users and unregistered users of the site to join meetings and conferences. However, only registered users will be able to use the service. Unregistered users will be able to register and use the service straight away for free.

How do I leave feedback?
When the project is complete you will be provided with an option to leave feedback for the supplier. This feedback will be used by other project sponsors in deciding which supplier will be most suited to their work.

Although it is always important that candid and honest feedback is left at all times, as per our terms and conditions, any defamatory or derogatory comments will be removed from the site.

How can I contact you?
Please use the Contact Us link, leave an email message and one of our representatives will answer your query as soon as is possible.

How do I report a problem with the website?
If you are experiencing any issues with any of the pages on the site or have any suggestion or comments can you contact our help desk. Simply click on the link complete an issue ticket and a member of the team will deal with the problem/concern.